There are different types of elastic tissues used as mask elastic available in the market. Different types of wide, paper and needle elastic are used as mask elastic. Purchasing mask elastic like a type of narrow paper elastic with rubber tissues is so common in the production of paper masks. Among the advantages of paper rubber mask elastic are easy to work with it, the accessibility of raw materials and its low cost for the producers. Rubber mask elastic with higher thickness and elasticity has been widely used in the production of filtered casques, chemical masks and firefighter masks.

Rubber-polyester mask elastics are widely used in the production of masks which are used under difficult weather and environmental conditions. Rubber-polyester mask elastics are mostly purchased by the producers of clothes, military, climbing and firefighting equipment and… Mask elastic containing nylon is mostly used in the production of masks and covers need washing and disinfection. Nylon mask elastic is mostly purchased by the industries of producing safety apparel against chemicals and military apparel.

The most popular types of mask elastics are fabricated with flat and tubular profiles and by Spandex (Lycra) and polyester. Polyester tissues have high resistance against many chemicals, expansion and contraction, tension, wrinkle, abrasion and erosion. These tissues are very strong and light and they are easily painted. The high elasticity of Lycra tissues makes the mask elastic stretches even three times rather than its primary length and then it easily returns to its primary state. Moreover, Lycra in mask elastic increases strength, durability, irritability and elasticity in mask elastics.

Polyester and Spandex strings have been made from raw materials free from any materials oil, florescent and forbidden colored and aromatic materials. So they don’t cause any allergenic reaction or skin allergy. Flat and tubular mask elastics are used in the production of disposable face masks, disposable medical masks and protective surgery masks. Spandex and polyester mask elastics have been widely purchased by medical equipment producers.

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