Nafis Baft Pars Tabriz Company is proud of serving textile industry after half-century experience in the production of different types of elastic and band with the latest machineries and technology.

Pars elastic and band weaving (Tabriz) is one of the biggest producer of elastic and band in clothing, medical, military and industrial consumptions, as well as satisfying the internal needs of country, Pars Tabriz has exported its products with high quality to other countries and it is in competition with big competitors like China and Turkey.

The company is spending time and energy on the requests of internal producers and foreign customers to satisfy the needs of its customers by an experienced personnel and the latest machinery.

Positive and strong credit among internal producers has enabled us to take a positive step in offering services to our customers. Be sure that you will gain your desired profit by trading with us as our qualified products, suitable cost and our special services help you achieve your goals.

The best, choose the best.